Before You Go Into The Water; Beware Of The Mosquito

If the weather is good, you could be doing any of the following things, and some. You could be taking a row across your favorite lake. The more fit and healthy among you will be chugging across that lake in your canoes at a good clip. Those of you who would much rather not will be taking a more sedate walk along the lakeside. And if it is well stocked, some of you will be taking your lads out for a spot of fishing. There is a reason why lock-down rules have banned you from public gatherings round those lakes. But that’s not even it. There’s a reason why the mosquito control company orange beach technicians may have been seen making their rounds.

Some or another good citizen out there may have elected to do right by the public, do the right thing by reporting the matter to the health and/or environmental safety authorities. And because many public institutions no longer have full capacity to handle potential infestations, they need to call on private enterprise for assistance. These days it is armed to the teeth with expertise. Scientists, academics, technicians, engineers, and the like. And of course, the usually tradesmen who have always operated as pest exterminators of fumigators. The water may be contaminated, so please people.

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Just get out of the water already. Because these days you just never know. Who is to say that one of those swarms isn’t carrying the virus. By now, the reader should know which virus the writer is referring to. For those who honestly never had a clue, here it is then. It is COVID-19. It is also known as the novel corona virus. Why it is called novel is easily incomprehensible to the layman.